We paint with a 
different brush.

Change is in the air for the legal industry as a whole. Clients are demanding more control and pushing back against excessive fees. Traditional law firms are trying to find ways to be more efficient. New law firms are coming into the industry and responding to the changing demands of the market with new approaches and innovative solutions.

We observed and critically analyzed the shift in the legal landscape and decided it was time to introduce a different law firm model, one that satisfies the needs of the legal professionals and their clients.

That's why we created The Law Studio.

A creative workspace for legal professionals

A key part of The Law Studio is our use of offices in a variety of locations. We think of them as creative workspaces – our “studios”.

A central location where the firm and administrative side of the business are housed, and where our lawyers and paralegals have the flexibility and mobility to provide service from anywhere in the world. The Law Studio is a positive, collaborative environment within which we work hard to solve problems and design more innovative solutions for our clients.

A friendly atmosphere for clients

The Law Studio makes you feel welcome and valued as our client. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re being looked after and getting the quality representation you need.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to build trust and a relationship with the legal professional who’s working on your case. As a client, you have a sense of comfort and control. That means if you feel better having us come to your office to get to know you better and provide more convenient service, we are there. If you prefer visiting us at one of our locations, you are always welcome to any of our friendly office studios.

Words we
live by

Objective advice.

At The Law Studio, we believe in these values, espouse them and live by them every day. It’s how we treat our clients, each other and whoever is sitting on the other side of the table. We’ve designed a fresh new approach to the practice of law. We’re proud of the way we do business, and we think you’ll appreciate it. After all, we designed our approach with you in mind.